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    Sale price $ 549.95
    Equipco Barrowboy 5 cubic foot mixer

  • Horizontal portable concrete Mixer Specifications
  • Drum Capacity(Cubic Feet):5
  • Motor(HP):0.5
  • Batch Output(lbs):275
  • Batch capacity Bags:1
  • Drum Diameter(in):24 Discharge
  • Outlet Height(in):8
  • Wheel Size(in):10x2.5
  • Acceptable
  • Voltage:110~120V/60HZ
  • Horizontal portable concrete mixer features
  • Wheelbarrow type multimixer;
  • Mix all types of construction materials in complete confidence;
  • Unit can be dissembled in 1 minute for fast transport

    Sale price $ 449.95
    Equipco Junior 5 cubic foot mixer

  • To set up the contractor mixer after arriving at the jobsite is very simple. The motor gearbox assembly drops onto the tripod frame in just seconds. This assembly is light and easy to work with, yet it is extremely strong due to the jig welded frame and high quality steel used for its construction.
  • The drum slides onto the tapered drive shaft and locks in place with a T-bolt which only needs to be tightened by hand, as the drum tightens further as the machine mixes. 275 lbs of mortar, stucco or grout or concrete every 5 minutes -- by far the best production and largest capacity in the industry.
  • The contractor mixer is truly portable around the jobsite. To move it, just roll it along.

    Sale Price $ 699.95
    Equipco Senior 8 cubic foot mixer

  • Drum capacity(Cubic feet): 8
  • Motor(Hp):0.5
  • Batch output(ibs):400
  • Batch capacity bags:1
  • Drum diametder(in):28
  • Discharge outlet height(in):8
  • Wheel size(in):10 กม3
  • Acceptable Voltage:110-120V/60Hz;
  • Mix all types of construction materials in completes confidence
  • Unit can be disassembled in 1 minute for fast transport

    Sale Price
    Stone 855PM Mortar Mixer w/ 8HP Honda Motor

  • Deluxe Mid Range
  • 8 cu. ft., 2-1/2 to 3 bag capacity - HIGH DUMP MIXER
  • Front post hand clutch.
  • Extendible axle (34" to 46").
  • High speed B78 x 13 (25" dia.) turnpike tires.
  • Rubber blades and safety chain standard.
  • Two Year Drum Warranty

    Sale Price
    12 Cu Ft (2bag) Mixer w/13hp Honda Motor

  • We have manufactured mixer since 1963. Our selection of small and large mixer is manufactured with high quality components and built to
  • Endure the test of time.
  • Our mixer are made in conformance with the CE mark.
  • Our mixer are equipped with two or four wheels and shock absorbers for an easy and confortable towing.
  • According to your preference mixers may be powered with one of three motors: electric, gasoline or diesel.
  • Special "noiseless" mixers are build without gear and pinion